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bassnachostacos said: RI in general is awful to drive in. I’d expect more in the RISD gallery too. Does anyone know where the legendary fuzzy door actually is? i want an address damn it lol

I’ve actually found RI drivers easier to deal with than the Massachusetts ones, but maybe it’s just the area I’m in.

Oh man, I would love to find the famous fuzzy door, but I would be way too nervous to actually go inside the building where it is. Plus it would probably illegal, with trespassing laws and all. The fuzz was probably taken down anyway. :(

Things I learned from going to the RISD museum today:

  • There is no Seth stuff there whatsoever. I thought maybe there would be like a ‘notable alumni’ plaque or something, but there was nothing. Boo. 
  • The closest thing to a Seth-related piece was a loop of the Game of Thrones theme song as an ‘appreciation to television openings’ and I walked in the room when Emilia’s name came up. So, yeah. (Then they played the Dexter opening and I nearly cried with excitement.)
  • The people there look they would not admit to knowing what Family Guy is.
  • Providence is the worst place in the world to drive. I’ve driven in Boston, DC, and New York, but none are as bad as this fucking place.

A Million Ways to Die in the West session tonight at Fox. Seth MacFarlane plays a melodica solo. Rather well actually


Anonymous: Your edits are so good! How do you make them? (:

I use CS5 and high quality photos! Sometimes I use my own psds, sometimes others from psd blogs.

Thanks for the compliment/ask/being awesome! <3

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