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A Million Ways to Die in the West Color Palette

Ted Color Palette


Seth @ the scoring session for Ted.

Source: http://www.scoringsessions.com/news/243/


AMWTDITW trailer playing during the Archer finale? Yes. Made my night.

It looks like they fixed the lighting for amwtditw and it is making me so very happy

Majestic. x

MacFandom, I love you so much, I really do, but this bears repeating:


If the edit or gif is not originally yours (and there’s clearly a watermark on said edit or gif), DO NOT REPOST IT WITHOUT THE OWNER’S PERMISSION AND OR CREDIT!!! 

We have some really awesome gif and edit makers in this fandom (sethmacfarlane-yay, macfarlaneseth, meesaa,  among others), they work so hard to give us these amazing edits, and when someone out of the blue reposts it without giving the credit where it’s due, it just seems like that credit is not properly placed. So please, if you can, reblog the stuff, but if you do have to repost it, just give the credit where credit’s due. That’s all I ask. 



You are awesome, thank you for posting this! <3

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