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Off to a wedding today. Sadly it’s not mine, to this gorgeous man… (Couldn’t resist!)
Anyone know who this lady is and when the pic was taken? Found it yonks ago on a random Google search!


Who Made You The Man You Are Today?

6 month long photography project for Esquire magazine. Miller Mobley, alongside wife of the year winner Jana Mobley photographed and interviewed 50 men about their mentors. October issue of Esquire

A note from esquire’s editor in chief (along with below inserted video, also there’s another video on the Esquire’s site). Each weekday two new interviews are posted on the site.


Partial glimpse of Seth being dirty… (Okay, I mean he has a dirty jacket) :)


get to know: Seth MacFarlane (1 2)

Star Trek



Hi, just wanted to share this video. Haven’t seen it around on tumblr so wanted to share with the fandom :-) Live long and prosper! Lol.

Thanks so much for sharing this gem! Live long and prosper indeed! :D

A Million Ways to Die in the West Gag Reel
A Million Ways to Die in the West Gag Reel


"I never dressed up* but I was a fan."

*except for those times that I did dress up



trying to be angry at your crush be like…

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